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Dr. Sam Dalal
Dr. Sarvang (Sam) Dalal

Dr. Sarvang (Sam) Dalal

xanax for sale ambien online pharmacy ativan online no prescription klonopin online without prescription buy meridia online no prescription buy phentermine online without prescription buy provigil no prescription buy soma without prescription buy tramadol online valium for sale Dr. Sam Dalal, PT is a licensed physical therapist. He obtained his undergraduate degree at Trinity/Houston Baptist University with a double major in biology and psychology. He also graduated Magna Cum Laude. He then went on to earn a Masters degree in Physical Therapy (MSPT) in the Texas medical center (TWU). He ultimately earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of St. Augustine in Florida. Additionally, he achieved a Manual Therapy Certification (MTC). His approach to extremity physical therapy rehabilitation involves a biomechanical approach to the human body. His spine approach uses a combination of the McKenzie method and Australian neutral spine stabilization involving the transverse abdominus/multifidus. He also combines spine and extremity joint mobilization to increase mobility. He is married with two wonderful children.


Meet Our Therapists
Meet Our Therapists
Meet Our Therapists
Meet Our Therapists
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